4 Things to Know Before Putting Your Brooklyn Home Up for Sale

The real estate industry is full of numbers and metrics that can influence your Brooklyn home for sale. Here are just a few you need to know before putting your house on the market:

  1. Pricing – Is your home for sale in Brooklyn worth more than you bought it for? Even now, it’s a possibility. Check the average sales prices for the homes in your area, neighborhood and street. You might be pleasantly surprised. Contact your local agent for the information.
  1. DOM – Days on Market is the time period a home sits on the market before closing. Currently, the average days on market in almost any area are rather high, but the actual metric may change depending on the price of your home. If you’re faced with a timeline and have a set goal for the sale, the average days on market for your area is a number you need to know. Again, you can ask your local real estate agent.
  1. List Pricing – The average list price tells you how much your competition is going for. If you’re trying to sell your house way above the average list price, it probably won’t leave the market.
  1. Competition – How much competition do you really have? How many “For Sale” signs are up? The higher the inventory, the lower your chances of selling the home quickly.

Of all the numbers to know, these are at the top. As every agent knows, the best way to sell your Brooklyn home for sale is to do the research – and then hire a proven real estate agent!

If you want to sell your Brooklyn home and need current information, I can help. Call Charles D’Alessandro, of  Fillmore Real Estate now at (718) 253-9600 ext.206 or email me at [email protected] for more information.

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