Benefits of Exterior Lighting for Brooklyn Real Estate

As many Brooklyn real estate agents will tell you, curb appeal shouldn’t end when the sun goes down. Exterior lighting can be both utilitarian and create a welcoming atmosphere even at night. The huge variety in lighting types will also lend uniqueness to your property and make it stand out to potential buyers.

Benefits of Popular Lighting Types

  • Reduces crime:  Motion-activated flood lights on the front and back porch are essential in high-crime areas and always a good idea for any area. It’s been proven that criminals don’t like Brooklyn real estate with bright exterior lighting.  The bright lights will draw attention to visitors before they’ve ever reached your door.  Additionally, you should never discount the value of being able to see clearly when arriving home in the dark.
  • Decreases trip hazards:  Solar lamps make beautiful walkway lighting. They’re generally not bright enough to be obtrusive or attract many nocturnal insects, but they will show the exact location of a walkway and reveal any trip hazards on the way. Solar lamps also provide an additional selling point on which Brooklyn real estate agents can capitalize.
  • Improves safety:  Good garage lighting can help you find your way to and from your vehicle. More importantly, the garage is a potentially hazardous area. Good lighting ensures that anyone walking through or working in the area will have a clear view of their surroundings and the task they may be performing.
  • Relocates bugs:  In rural areas, a high outside light (similar to a street light) not only lights large areas enough to recognize any hazards, they can also draw nocturnal insects away from lights emanating from the home. Raccoons,possums and other nocturnal animal the wander about the homes surroundings will avoid lighted areas as well.

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