Marine Park Community Center, Eye Spring 2010 Opening!

Marine park community center is hoping to be ready for spring 2010. NYC’S Parks Department first totally green building is the Carmine Carro Community Center.CarmineĀ  Carro was the MPCA president and a champion for the Marine Park community. With the help of our elected officials,Lou Fidler,Marty Golden andĀ  Alen Meizel as well as Mayor Bloomberg Carmine’s dream of a senior center for Marine Park is going to become a reality spring 2010.If you visit the park the center is located in the middle of the park. along with the construction funds have been provided to improve the walk ways and bicycle path ,we look forward to the event of the spring 2010.

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  2. The Marine park community center is near and dear to my heart. The opening to the Carmine Carro Community center will be in the fall of 2010

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