Real Estate Agent or Real Estate Professional?

It’s fall 2009, the leaves and the mercury are beginning to fall.  With the real estate market thawing out a bit and the interest rates staying at a steady low. Buyers are shopping for the next best deal, are you as a Realtor prepared?  In the past years with prices on the rise and sales happening at record paces the only thing a real estate agent really had to know was: if a buyer didn’t buy today, the price would be higher tomorrow. In today’s real estate market there is caution, buyers and sellers are able to research and find much of the same information agents have.  Yes, its a very transparent world. So as a Realtor are you prepared?  A good Realtor is priceless to the process.  A good Realtor should strive to improve everyday by research and education (not just how to sell and fancy closing lines). Realtors must study technology, as well as research the market trends and keeping up with mortgage options.  The Realtor of today and of the future is here to consult as well as help interpret the information with their clients.  This takes hard work and commitment  to be the best you can be. So I guess what I’m saying fellow Realtors: the public expects and deserves more!  The product you are selling is you!  Are you the best you can be? Do you choose to be just  a Real Estate Agent or a Real Estate Professional?

by Charles D’Alessandro and Brooklyn Real Estate Sales

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