Sprucing Up Your Home for Sale in Brooklyn? Pay Attention to the Permits

A lot of owners who have their homes for sale in Brooklyn are taking advantage of the remodeling sales going on around the nation.  From tools and building supplies to the remodeling agencies themselves, they’re finding they can save money.

Unfortunately, a lot of homeowners are also choosing to forego the legal building permit process, trying to further save money.

Every building, occupied or unoccupied, has a set of building codes. Any changes that you make to your home must comply with those building codes, which means most home improvements, whether done by you or by a professional you hire, needs a permit. Depending on your locality, the home improvement that requires a permit could be as simple as installing a water heater.

Hire Someone to Get the Permit

The National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) says hiring a contractor can actually save you money and time, even if all they do is handle the permit process. They also warn that a contractor that expects you to handle the permits is a contractor you don’t want to use.

Get the Permit Yourself

So how do you get a home improvement permit if you’re doing your own remodeling for your home for sale in Brooklyn? Submit a building plan for big projects or a description of the work for smaller projects. The plans are approved for a fee (if they comply with building codes). Building inspectors will look over the job while it’s in progress, after it’s finished or both, and make sure you used the right materials and techniques.

Cost of Not Getting a Permit

It may sound like a lot of trouble to go through, but the cost of not getting a permit can be a lot worse. For instance, if a potential buyer hires a home inspector to look over your property, the home inspector may see signs of your remodeling. They might then look for the permit record. Without one, you could lose the deal.

As well, home appraisers may look for permit records to see if a remodel changed the property value. If the work wasn’t covered by a permit, there’s a very real possibility of the escrow not going through.

If illegal home improvement is found, you might end up paying hefty fees for further inspections. You might even have to tear down sheet rock inside the house so framing, insulation and other interior work can be seen. In addition, you might have to tear out what you’ve done just so you can legalize the work and sell the home.

If you have a home for sale in Brooklyn and are thinking about sprucing it up to attract more buyers, a word of caution. Don’t skimp on the permits!

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