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Ground Hog Day For This Brooklyn Realtor!

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

What is the meaning of Ground Hog day?

What is the meaning of Ground Hog day? Well the answer is well known as,  Groundhog Day, celebrated across the  Canada and the United States on February 2, is purely a North American tradition. It is based on a belief that on this day (February 2) the groundhog, or woodchuck, comes out of it’s hole after winter hibernation to look for its shadow. If the shadow is seen, the groundhog foretells ’six more weeks of bad weather and thus a lingering winter. But if no shadow is seen the ground hog stays above ground and spring is near.

In the National Lampoon movie “Ground Hog day” Bill Murray’s character wakes up every morning only to find he is repeating the same day, every day Ground Hog day. He goes on to change one thing each day, to break the cycle, and create change and make the next day turn out differently.

Have you ever answered the question, How are you doing, or in Brooklyneze (How you doin) with the answer SOS JUST A DIFFERENT DAY! This to me is a choice, every day to repeat the day before. Most of us make our New Years resolution only to be  quickly forgotten. February 2nd is Ground Hog Day and it is a time for this Brooklyn Realtor to make a small change, a change that will impact me in a big way going forward.This change could be as dramatic as changing your career, or as simple as committing to wearing a smile on your face, saying good day, please and thank you to the people in your life. Today is the day to take that first step!

Anything to  make the day just a little different than the day before. So, “Ground Hog Day”, February 2nd, just one small change. NO MORE SOS. It is a different day! Make one change, big or small, just one little change. I promise it will grow on you, and make your life a better place to be.

If you want to join this movement, I would love to hear what changes are being made,  Start today, share the changes you will make this Ground Hog Day! Leave you comments on this page  or email Charles D’Alessandro  your Brooklyn Realtor® of Fillmore Real Estate at [email protected]. I look forward to your changes.

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