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Find a Brooklyn Real Estate Agent with Social Media Experience

Sunday, October 23rd, 2011

Flyers, open houses and stagnant real estate websites don’t cut it anymore. Property buyers and sellers are more technologically savvy than they’ve ever been, and they rely on social media’s instant communication forums for information, advice, suggestions and reviews to guide their decision-making processes.

Real estate agents’ roles within the industry have evolved — they’re no longer just gatekeepers.  Now, they need to be interpreters between their clients and the constant stream of social media information.

To determine if a  Brooklyn  real estate agent is socially savvy online, ask the following questions:

Strategy – Before signing a listing agreement with an agent, find out what marketing strategies he or she usually implements. Is he or she using any social media platforms to promote their properties or gather feedback from buyers?

  • Following – Ask about how many people and organizations he or she reaches on a regular basis. The number of Facebook “Likes” or Twitter followers is a direct correlation to how many people could be exposed to your Brooklyn home for sale.
  • Activity – Ask how often he or she updates and posts on social media sites. Having 2,000 followers means nothing if the agent isn’t active on the social media site. A constant flow of information and communication is essential to effectively promote a property. If he or she just has a stagnant Facebook page with a biography on it, that doesn’t benefit you in any way.

From sending out tweets about houses for sale to posting new listings on Facebook walls, social media platforms are one of the quickest and most targeted ways to reach potential buyers. To achieve your real estate goals, seek out a Brooklyn real estate agent who uses social media as a tool to build loyal followers and promote properties.

If you’re looking for a Brooklyn real estate agent who successfully uses social media as a marketing tool, call me at (718) 253-9600 ext 206 or email me at [email protected]