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3 Steps to Winterize the Outside of your Brooklyn Home

Sunday, November 15th, 2015
Winterize the outside of your Brooklyn home

Winterize the outside of your Brooklyn home before freezing temps arrive this winter.

In my last blog post, How to Easily Winterize the Inside of your Brooklyn Home, I shared a checklist to help you prepare the inside of your Brooklyn home for winter. Here are 3 steps to winterize the outside of your Brooklyn home:

First, check the roof

If you feel comfortable inspecting the roof yourself, put on a pair of shoes with non-skid soles. Make sure they are tied securely. Quickly check the following:

  • Check for missing or damaged shingles. Hire someone to replace any missing or damaged shingles you find.
  • If you have a chimney, check for leaks in the flashing around it. Check for possible leaks around all projections on your roof. Hire someone to repair every leak as soon as possible.
  • Clean and free gutters and downspouts of leaves and debris. Wet leaves allowed to remain in the gutters over winter add a hefty amount of weight and volume when they get wet and freeze. This will increase the risk of damage to gutters and downspouts significantly.

Second, winterize your sprinkler system

  • Turn off the water supply.
  • Purge the sprinkler lines by blowing compressed air through the lines.

Winterize your sprinkler system now if freezing temps are in your forecast, but hiring someone to do this for you by the end of October is ideal. How to Winterize a Sprinkler System

Third, prepare your yard to winterize the outside of your Brooklyn home

  • Prepare your landscape for winter. Even if you have a small patch of grass, a garden plot, shrubs or deciduous trees, you should prepare them for winter. This link shows How to Winterize Your Landscape on much a larger scale, but the basics can be applied to your Brooklyn home’s landscape and container gardens.
  • Drain the gas from your lawn mower. “Rake” leaves until the lawn mower runs out of gas completely, and you’ll accomplish two items on your winterize to-do list at the same time.
  • Drain water fountains and unplug the pumps for them.
  • Seal the deck with a fresh coat of sealer before winter.
  • Cover patio furniture.

Did you winterize the outside of your Brooklyn home yet? If so, you will be able to rest easy knowing the outside of your Brooklyn home is ready for winter’s freezing temps.

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