The Emotional Aspects of Buying a Brooklyn Home

Buying a Brooklyn home can be a challenging process. Along the way you will experience a wide range of emotions. No matter how strongly you feel that you are alone, rest assured that most buyers feel the same way. Here’s a peek at what you can expect when…

  • Looking for a Brooklyn home. Creating a wish list for a house that fits within your budget can cause the initial signs of stress. Once that list is created, a new panic may settle in as you wonder if you will find the right home for you within that budget. Expect this panic to increase as you look at more homes.
  • Presenting an offer. No one wants to be rejected, even if it’s about property. Remind yourself that it is perfectly normal to worry about getting an accepted offer and that the sellers are also experiencing a similar feeling of woe at this point. Both sides want the same thing: a signed contract.
  • Hiring a Lawyer and Signing the contract. Once the contract is signed, a new panic may set in. You may wonder if you got a fair price or if you chose the right property for you. From this point until closing day, you will think about this decision and about all the changes before you. Moving means finding new stores and restaurants and new roads to work.  This is called buyer’s remorse.  Just remember, it’s a common phenomenon that you’ll get through it.
  • Closing. Once the papers are signed and the check has been turned over to the title company, a sense of finality takes over. You know that there is no turning back at this point and may still wonder if you made the right decision. Again this is perfectly normal and happens to almost everyone.

Don’t navigate the waters home buying a home on your own. Let me help you find the Brooklyn home for you. Call Charles D’Alessandro of Fillmore Real Estate today at (718) 253-9600 ext.206 or email me at  [email protected].

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