The Key To Any Realtors Success! Keep Your Eyes On The Prize!

Charles D'Alessandro Fillmoore Real Estate

Charles D'Alessandro Fillmore Real Estate, Brooklyn N.Y.

I am often asked what is the key to  success as a  Realtor. Prospecting for leads such as cold calling for sale by owners, handing out business cards to everyone you meet, networking becomes your life.   These are some of the things that come to mind, as well as knowing your market like the back of your hand. I also think working with a company like Fillmore Real Estate is a huge boost. Fillmore Real Estate has been selling real estate  in Brooklyn, New York for over 40 years, which will give any real estate agent instant name recognition.  The number one key to any Realtor’s success starts with your name!   My name is Charles D’Alessandro, I am a Realtor with Fillmore Real Estate. I say this proudly. My brand is me!  My product is me! I have spent over 23 years building my reputation selling Brooklyn real estate, one client at a time, one appointment at a time, one transaction at a time. I work for referrals! I find that if I work with the end result in mind being a referral from the parties involved, I could never go wrong.   Someone once taught me, “If you take the money out from the situation, the answer is clear”.  Referrals are the ultimate prize.  The key to success is to be a professional,  be consistent, know your stuff , and follow the golden rule. Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You!  Try it! You will like what it brings, Success!

by  Charles D’Alessandro of Fillmore Real Estate

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    Interesting article. Certainly gave me a bit to think about…

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    If we could educate buyers to be more accountable of their money, our economy may not be as bad as it is today. Great information. Happy Easter. Have a great Easter!

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