The New Brooklyn Real Estate Agent?

Recently, I came across a show on the Bravo network. Three high dollar real estate agents push million dollar deals in the City of Angels, Los Angeles, California. I can’t say that it reminds me of when I was a new Brooklyn real estate agent.

Called Million Dollar Listing, the show is a “docu-series” with three young stars:

  • Josh Flagg graduated high school in 2004, stepped into high-end residential real estate, made several record sales and became one of Los Angeles’ best agents.
  • Madison Hildebrand graduated from Pepperdine University, sold his first home to a celebrity and now sells homes as high as $20 million.
  • Chad Rogers got his real estate license at 18, rose through the ranks and is currently working for a prestigious real estate brokerage.

What does all of this have to do with being a Brooklyn real estate agent? Nothing – and everything. Watching the show, I can’t help but think, “If these young bloods can sell a $20 million dollar house in Beverly Hills, in this economy, we can certainly sell $400,000 and $500,000 homes here.”

Okay, so they’re selling to a lot of celebrities. And, yes, people in Beverly Hills and the surrounding counties are famous for their big wallets. I also have to admit that it might be easier to sell a house with fifty natural selling points (huge pool with pool man, beautiful grounds cared for by landscapers, two-ton chandeliers, stables) than it is to sell an average house that has five selling points.

Having said all that, however, when times get tough remember that we have a beautiful city here in Brooklyn New York. We have beautiful homes for sale, nice Brooklyn neighborhoods and great communities. We have a lot of selling points to show off, at more affordable prices.

If you’re looking for a beautiful home, even if you’re not a celebrity, I can help. Call me now at (718)253-9600 ext.206 or email me at  [email protected].

Charles D’Alessandro

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