The Unavoidably Unavailable Brooklyn Home for Sale

“I’m sorry. I know I have a Brooklyn home for sale, but I’m not available for questions and you can’t see it. Please leave a message after the beep.”

No More Precious Commodities

Houses are no longer the precious commodities they once were. A Brooklyn home for sale is no longer a rare occurrence. This is the biggest reason for the splurge of hints from real estate agents: update your curb appeal, stage the house, etc. Something seems to have been forgotten along the way: availability.

Where Were You When…?

Very rarely will anyone ever buy a house unseen. So the real question is have you (and/or your agent) been available for potential homebuyers, or have the potential buyers had to guess at what the inside of your home looks like?

Buyer agents are starting to complain: “I had this tour all lined up to show houses, called the seller agents and couldn’t get through. By the time it was all said and done, my list of fifteen homes to show became five.”

If you’re trying to sell a house, you have to make it available for buyers to view. Too many sellers think that buyers will look over the home when they (the sellers) are available. “Hey, it’s great that you have potential buyers who want to look at my house right now, but I have stuff to do. Rearrange your housing tour, set it back a few hours and I’ll meet you there at six.”

What if the potential buyer doesn’t have until six to look at your house? For that matter, what if I (as the buyer agent) can’t put your house in the last slot on the tour? Why would the buyer meet you at an inconvenient time for them when there are plenty of other homes available?


A lot of sellers have their houses listed as “by appointment only,” but this only works if you answer your phone to make the appointment. Others have seller agents who hold the keys, but buyer agents can’t get the keys without being able to reach the seller agent.

If you really are a motivated seller with a Brooklyn home for sale, remember that you have lots of competition who may be more available. Answer your phone, tweak your schedule so it’s wide open and show that you really are a “motivated seller” – make your home available.

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