Brooklyn Homeowners, Now Is The Time To Transform Your Outdoor Space!

Backyard patio

Spring has sprung in the yards of Brooklyn homeowners. Our thoughts are turning from cozy fireplaces and warm blankets to outdoor grilling and relaxing. 

Entertaining options are opening up slowly, but entertainment choices may still be limited this summer. You may want to consider transforming your outdoor space for your summer enjoyment. 

An updated outdoor living space can add value and appeal to your home. Depending on the construction materials, a new deck addition can add anywhere from 73% to 77% value of the cost to construct. You can find more information on this website for Cost VS Value.

If you are not a Brooklyn homeowner and are renting, you can still create an outdoor space for you to enjoy. Be sure to check with your landlord about your transformation plans if you make any permanent changes to the property.

You can make outdoor transformations whether you have a large or a small space. With creativity, planning, and some elbow grease, you can create your personal oasis to enjoy all summer long.

Enhance the view.

If you have a fantastic view, don’t obstruct it. Create your oasis to make the most of that view. If you are adding any new plantings, be sure to pay attention to how large they grow. A small tree can grow quicker than you think and eventually impede your view. If you have a less than appealing view, you will want to camouflage that with plantings, trees, and possibly fencing. A design that blends into the local environment will create long-lasting appeal for any Brooklyn homeowner.

Declutter furnishings, play equipment, and landscaping.

 More is not always better. Take a close look at your furniture and accessories to assess whether they need repaired, replaced, or trashed. You may want to relocate or remove play equipment that may be taking up a prime spot in the yard. If your children no longer utilize the play equipment, it may be a good time to remove it. You can possibly sell it to another family who is sprucing up their outdoor space and earn some extra cash for your outdoor project. Don’t forget to evaluate your landscaping for any decluttering. Do you have plants that need to be separated or removed? Trim all shrubs and trees for a neat, manicured appearance.

Plan new landscaping.

After you have decluttered your existing landscaping, do you need to add a few things? Would you like to create a new planting bed? Carefully plan and select the plants for easy maintenance and longevity. Be sure the plants you choose are weather-resistant for the area. Find out which varieties attract animals that will eat and destroy the appearance of your hard work. Create some interest with hardscaping. Consider a stone path or steps in your yard.

Add, replace, or update a patio or deck.

A well-designed deck or patio will be the main stage for your outdoor oasis. If you have an existing patio or deck, does it need a facelift? Power washing will help tremendously to remove the excess dirt and grime from the winter weather. You may need to re-stain or paint the area as well. If you are building new, consider the traffic flow the deck may need. If you will need stairs, are they located in a position that will create good flow? Assess the skirting if you have an elevated deck. Replace it with an appealing material that could provide an interesting backdrop for plantings. If needed, create an open, airy privacy screen. Also, consider whether you would like to have a covering to provide shade. Would that be a permanent roof, a pergola, or a temporary canopy?

Create privacy.

 Many Brooklyn homeowners long for solitude when enjoying their outdoor spaces, even when they love their neighbors. You can create a sense of privacy with screens, walls, or fences, as well as landscaping. Arbors and roofing provide an extra feel of seclusion.

Enhance the lighting.

Many homes have an exterior light on the back wall as the primary source of light. Security lighting is your first consideration. Motion-sensor lighting is a way to deter burglars and destructive animals. Consider adding additional light with deck lighting and landscape lighting. There are many options to choose from when it comes to landscape lighting. You may want to add some fun with string lighting on the patio or deck.

Comfortable furnishings.

Create seating groups throughout your outdoor oasis if you have space. Consider a place for eating with dining furniture or picnic tables. You may want a relaxing space that has comfortable lounge chairs. If you entertain, you may want to consider sectional seating that may fit even more guests. How would you like a hammock in a quiet corner of the yard for those lazy, hazy summer days? When your outdoor furnishings are comfortable, you will be more inclined to utilize your outdoor space.

Water Features.

An outdoor water feature could be as elaborate as a swimming pool or as small as a birdbath. The sound of water flowing in a fountain is relaxing and can help you destress. You may want a small pond with fish to watch as you while away the afternoon. The sight and sound of water can be therapeutic, and you can add a water feature to your backyard on any budget.

Add some shade.

When the sun is beating down, you may not enjoy your outdoor space. Adding some much-needed shade can be the answer to getting the most enjoyment outdoors. If you don’t have a roof on your deck, you may consider an umbrella, canopy, or pergola. You can use these methods of shade throughout the yard if you have created different seating areas.

Make the entrance inviting.

If guests are entering from the outside directly to your backyard, make it as inviting as you do your front entry letting your guest know they have arrived. Some additional lighting can help evening visitors enter and exit safely. If you have a gate, be sure it is in good repair and easy to open and close.

Consider a she-shed or man-cave.

You can create unique spaces for exercise, reading, crafting, or whatever your heart desires. Having electricity and running water could take it over the top. A cozy backyard retreat may be the best gift you give yourself.

Create garden spaces.

A favorite summer outdoor activity is gardening. Whether you create a small herb garden or a vegetable garden, you can nurture the plants and harvest delectable delights all summer long.

With many still working from home due to the pandemic, Brooklyn homeowners will find a well-planned outdoor space can become the sanctuary you need to remove yourself from your work. It will also provide you an excellent area for enjoying the company of family and friends. 

Take the time to inventory what you currently have and plan for the ideal space that meets your budget. Some careful thought and planning will create years of enjoyment of your outdoor space.

Check with your municipality to determine their guidelines and restrictions. Brooklyn homeowners need to obtain any necessary building permits before they begin. 

While you are creating your outdoor spaces, you may want to spend some time improving the curb appeal of your home. You can find more information on the previous blog post to help you.

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