Waiting Until The Spring, To Get Into The Brooklyn Real Estate Market?

Are you planning to buy or sell real estate in Brooklyn, but considering waiting for spring? This is the time of year  people start gearing up for the holiday season. We start shopping getting ready for holiday dinners, plan vacations, and in the real estate industry planning for the holiday slow down! In all the years I have been a Brooklyn real estate agent, I find this  time of year to be very rewarding. I do not feel in the grand scheme,that this season will be any different. Buyers who are looking for a home can be sure that houses on the market this time of year are owned by serious sellers. To the sellers, the buyers are more likely ready to buy as well. With the incentives to the buyers, and the interest rate at a long time low, it is prime time to sell, and buy real estate. As for the seller who want to wait for the spring, think about this. In the spring there will be much more competition, in that there will be many more homes for sale which may affect the selling price .Will interest rates go up,or down? If the interest rates do go up, as many experts predict, this too will affect the market. This  should also be of concern to the buyers, if the interest rates increase you will be able to afford less house  and or may not be eligible for a mortgage. You cannot time the market, so what better present to you and your family then a new home in Brooklyn? Remember do your research ! Happy Holiday To ALL!

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