Why Isn’t Your Brooklyn Real Estate Selling?

You’ve listed your Brooklyn property. You’ve spent your weekends with people traipsing through your home. You’ve done everything you can and your Brooklyn real estate is still sitting on the market while others around you are selling. Why won’t your home sell?

You’ve cleaned your home—you think. Let’s examine a few areas many people overlook:

  • Did you stuff all your stuff in cabinets thinking no one will be bold enough to open cabinets and look inside? Hum… maybe. Maybe not. Lots of people open drawers, cabinets, and definitely will look in closets, so don’t stash all your stuff in closets. Besides being untidy it is likely that overstuffed closets will fall out in an avalanche when an unsuspecting buyer happens to peek.
  • Are there dirty dishes stacked up, clothes in the laundry baskets, or used towels all over the bathroom? Just because you have to live in your Brooklyn real estate until you sell it doesn’t mean it looks good to your buyers. The ‘lived in’ look only makes your home look comfortable when friends and family visit, not prospective buyers.
  • Does your loving pet adore your visitors? Even the most well-behaved dog or cat may be a distraction. Not everybody is a pet lover, and even if they are they don’t want to have to deal with your pets while viewing a home.   Have your dogs and cats in their crates when buyers come to see your Brooklyn real estate listing.
  • Is the lawnmower sitting on the patio, the pool skimmer lying on the lawn, the kid’s bikes piled up in the driveway? The inside of your home isn’t the only place that shouldn’t look ‘lived in’ when you are showing your home to the public.

Little things mean a lot. Don’t let those little nail holes, stray wires from a removed fixture, or coffee stains on the carpet go unheeded. Your buyer is not going to want to fix those things when they move in. And, it makes potential buyers think that if minor repairs haven’t been taken care of, most likely, major repairs have been let go also.  Take the time to do minor home fix ups and make your house look as inviting as possible.

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