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How to Avoid Mistakes for a Successful Remodel

Wednesday, August 30th, 2017
Successful remodel

Learn from homeowners who have “Been there. Done that” for a successful remodel of your own Brooklyn home.

More often than not, sellers will decide against selling their home to stay put and remodel. But there’s so much to take into consideration to make your remodel a successful endeavor. If you’ve decided to remodel your Brooklyn home, here are a few pointers to consider before you begin.

8 Steps to a Successful Remodel

Since you don’t know what you don’t know, it pays to “pick the brains” of experienced homeowners who have “Been there. Done that.” You can learn from their mistakes to keep from making your own.

  1. Remodel in an Off-Season

Try to schedule your remodel during a time that is less hectic for contractors. Contractors are super swamped and stressed during the summer months. Plus, remodeling in an offseason could save you money!

  1. Budget First

Know your budget before you begin. The possibilities are endless until you budget your remodel. Marble countertop is a must-have for your kitchen, that is until you discover the cost. And better to discover that marble is $2,000 over budget before you begin than when you’re past the design phase. Do yourself a huge favor. Before finalizing the design set a budget.

  1. Finalize Your Design

An honest-to-goodness successful remodel won’t happen if you don’t finalize the design after you set a budget. It just won’t. In addition to the stress it causes, vacillating on choices once construction is under way will put you weeks behind schedule. Once your design is finalized and construction has begun, don’t over analyze and change your mind. Be good to yourself and stick to your choices.

  1. Order Materials Ahead of Time

If what you need isn’t on hand when you need it, all the scheduling you’ve done will have been done in vain. Once you’ve finalized the design, order everything necessary for a successful remodel. When the materials are on site, schedule your remodel with your contractor. Then you and your contractor won’t get hung up with delays because that free-standing bath tub didn’t arrive on time for installation.

  1. Organize Your Stuff

A successful remodel includes a strategy for all your stuff that needs a new place during construction. This strategy includes allotting time to organize and move it all, too. “A place for everything and everything in its place” will prevent the mayhem caused when you can’t find anything.

  1. Get Permits

Save yourself the hassle of months of inspections and repairs. Call your local building department and get permits. Permits ensure a successful remodel. They catch faulty outlets and improper plumbing installation and make sure your remodel is to code.

Inspections are essential and take time, so don’t forget to budget time in your remodeling timeline for them.

By the way, keeping tabs on permit deadlines and booking appointments with historical review boards don’t have to be yours to do. Skip the homeowner self-work affidavit and let your general contractor handle approvals and permits. It’ll cost you a little for the added time your contractor will spend doing this, but it will remove some stress out of the remodel for you.

  1. Test Your Materials

Every paint, tile, and wood material you purchase should be given a test run before the contractor starts the remodel. Long before the start date, paint a whole cabinet door so you can get a better idea of what all the cabinets will look like in the color you picked. And cover a few canvases (which are larger than 3×3) with the paint colors you chose. Leave them in the room they are to go in for a few days. Then if you find you don’t like one or more of the colors, you’ll have time to get a different hue.

  1. Budget More Time Than Needed for Every Step

Sometimes delays are a good thing. For example, if you start falling behind schedule due to an unexpected surprise, you may be tempted to hurry. And the old saying, “Haste makes waste,” comes into play. When you hurry through remodeling steps instead of giving yourself ample time to do them correctly, you will end up with regrets and re-dos. This will cost you more time and more money. When you budget more time than needed for every step, what’s the worst that could happen? You could finish your successful remodel early!

Want to increase the value of your home with a successful remodel? Need more ideas on how to add value to your Brooklyn home with the best possible ROI? Give Charles D’Alessandro Your Brooklyn real estate agent with Fillmore Real Estate a call at (718) 253-9600 ext. 206 or email [email protected].

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5 Ideas that Make Your Bedroom the Place You Want to Be

Tuesday, August 15th, 2017
Place you want to be

Headed off to college? Use these 5 tips to make your dorm room a place you want to be. It’s easy!

Fall is in the air. Hot temperatures are cooling down. Kids are going back to school or headed for college, and families are preparing their schedules for another school year. For some of you, attending college is a brand new adventure, and you may feel a bit intimidated about leaving home. Try these simple ideas to make your dorm room feel a bit like home. Not headed anywhere for an education? You can use these simple ideas to make your bedroom the place you want to be anyway.

How to Turn Your College Dorm Room or Bedroom into the Place You Want to Be

Dorm room living doesn’t have to be cramped, messy, and smelly, a place you do not want to be. With some thoughtful planning, your space away from home can feel roomy, neat, and smell like home, a place you do want to be.

These five ideas will get your space an A+:

  1. Quality Sheets

Make a good night’s sleep your top priority. Don’t be afraid to spend some money on quality sheets. Sleep is paramount in or out of college, and quality sheets provide the comfort necessary for a good night’s sleep. If you’re trying to turn your dorm room into a great place to reside, 1,000-thread-count sheets are a bit much. Soft jersey, flannel, or pre-washed cotton sheet sets are comfortable and low-maintenance, a more economical choice.

  1. Perfect Pillows

Start the year off right and invest in a quality sleeping pillow. A quality pillow is just as important in getting a good night’s sleep as quality sheets are. A crummy pillow means poor-quality rest. And that won’t help you function well in class. Shop for a sleeping pillow that provides you with softness and support. And while you’re at it, buy an ultra-firm decorative pillow. You’ll need it to prop you up in bed when studying, watching TV, or face-timing friends and family back home.

  1. A Touch of Class

Every dorm room or bedroom can use a little class. Cozy faux fur throws, fluffy fur pillows, and plush furry stools are on-trend. They add texture, warmth, and style to any space, big or small. And all it takes is one furry piece.

  1. Accessories

In addition to a faux fur piece, accessories add a personal touch to a dorm room or bedroom. Throw cushions, art, and plants bring style, joy, and life into your room day after day. Select easy-to-care-for plants that cleanse indoor air like aloe, and plants that help you sleep.

  1. Lights

The lighting in dorm rooms isn’t always the best at illuminating your space well. Good lighting can make your room a place you want to be. Poor lighting can cause eye strain and make you tired unnecessarily. Purchase a lamp or two that provide style and personality in addition to providing lots of light. Brooklyn real estate, you want an agent who cares about your family’s needs. Charles D’Alessandro. Call your Brooklyn real estate professional today at 718-253-9600

When it comes to Brooklyn real estate, you want an agent who cares about you and your family’s needs. With over 30 years of real estate experience, Charles D’Alessandro can help you make your Brooklyn home a place you want to be. Call him today at 718-253-9600 ext 206 or email him at [email protected].

Charles D’Alessandro

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