5 Ideas that Make Your Bedroom the Place You Want to Be

Place you want to be

Headed off to college? Use these 5 tips to make your dorm room a place you want to be. It’s easy!

Fall is in the air. Hot temperatures are cooling down. Kids are going back to school or headed for college, and families are preparing their schedules for another school year. For some of you, attending college is a brand new adventure, and you may feel a bit intimidated about leaving home. Try these simple ideas to make your dorm room feel a bit like home. Not headed anywhere for an education? You can use these simple ideas to make your bedroom the place you want to be anyway.

How to Turn Your College Dorm Room or Bedroom into the Place You Want to Be

Dorm room living doesn’t have to be cramped, messy, and smelly, a place you do not want to be. With some thoughtful planning, your space away from home can feel roomy, neat, and smell like home, a place you do want to be.

These five ideas will get your space an A+:

  1. Quality Sheets

Make a good night’s sleep your top priority. Don’t be afraid to spend some money on quality sheets. Sleep is paramount in or out of college, and quality sheets provide the comfort necessary for a good night’s sleep. If you’re trying to turn your dorm room into a great place to reside, 1,000-thread-count sheets are a bit much. Soft jersey, flannel, or pre-washed cotton sheet sets are comfortable and low-maintenance, a more economical choice.

  1. Perfect Pillows

Start the year off right and invest in a quality sleeping pillow. A quality pillow is just as important in getting a good night’s sleep as quality sheets are. A crummy pillow means poor-quality rest. And that won’t help you function well in class. Shop for a sleeping pillow that provides you with softness and support. And while you’re at it, buy an ultra-firm decorative pillow. You’ll need it to prop you up in bed when studying, watching TV, or face-timing friends and family back home.

  1. A Touch of Class

Every dorm room or bedroom can use a little class. Cozy faux fur throws, fluffy fur pillows, and plush furry stools are on-trend. They add texture, warmth, and style to any space, big or small. And all it takes is one furry piece.

  1. Accessories

In addition to a faux fur piece, accessories add a personal touch to a dorm room or bedroom. Throw cushions, art, and plants bring style, joy, and life into your room day after day. Select easy-to-care-for plants that cleanse indoor air like aloe, and plants that help you sleep.

  1. Lights

The lighting in dorm rooms isn’t always the best at illuminating your space well. Good lighting can make your room a place you want to be. Poor lighting can cause eye strain and make you tired unnecessarily. Purchase a lamp or two that provide style and personality in addition to providing lots of light. Brooklyn real estate, you want an agent who cares about your family’s needs. Charles D’Alessandro. Call your Brooklyn real estate professional today at 718-253-9600

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