A Tree Falls In Brooklyn- Brooklyn Real Estate A New Beginning!

As Maria and I take our morning walk around Maine Park Brooklyn we are amazed by the devastation of the many fallen trees from the past storm, 60 in all! Some of the trees are as much as 80 years of age. Our thoughts where, how terrible this is all these trees we will never recover from this it may never be the same again,

Then we walked past to the Marine Park Nature Center, a little further ahead, there where many young trees that where planted a few years back. The trees where budding with flowers and new leaves.  The birds seemed to be getting ready to find the perfect spot to nest and raise their new families, spring is on its way.” A New Beginning”!

In my thoughts where the similarities with the Brooklyn real estate market for the past couple of years. Like the mighty oaks we have grown accustom to seeing each day, as we walk by them full of life expecting continued growth year after year, now is time for us to plant new trees for future generations to enjoy and watch grow.

2010 is that time for growth in our financial markets as well as the Brooklyn Real Estate market. Spring is on its way! It’s time for us to look for that nest to enjoy, and raise our families

The storm has past, time to clean up and start new. For some it may be time to clean up credit reports and others may want to go over their own financial statements and create goal to buy in the future. I believe it is time for a new beginning. Future generations will see 2010 as the beginning of their time of growth.

For others who have waited out the storm “The Clock Is Ticking”, the Federal Home Buyers Tax credit runs out on April 30th and may never return. This may be you “Perfect Storm”, Low interest rates, fallen prices, Lots of Inventory to select from.

You do not want to be the one to look back and say I shouldda or couldda but didn’t! Make 2010 the time for your new beginning, and start building for your future If you are interested in finding your  Brooklyn home or creating a plan for one in the future call Charles D’Alessandro at Fillmore Real Estate my # is (718) 253-9699 or email me [email protected]

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