Brooklyn Condos vs. Houses: Which Should You Choose?

Brooklyn condos or houses:  that is the question!

You may be thinking of getting a home but wondering how much space you really need. If you opt to look at houses, your choices are vast.  Houses, both large and small, are abundant in today’s real estate market.

Even though Brooklyn condos are typically smaller than most houses, there are large condos available (even condos larger than houses).  And, just like traditional houses, there are a lot of condos available in this buyer’s market.

So, how do you choose?  Your selection should be based on your current and near-future needs.

Let’s demystify the differences and clarify your selection:

  • Space: Is your family large?  Are you planning to add many more?  Do you work from home?  Consider your plans for the next 5 to 7 years, and buy the size that fits those needs.
  • Price: Condos can be more affordable, especially the smaller ones.  But, with condos you have to pay condo association fees.
  • Location: If you want a condo with a great view, close to work, for example, prepare for a premium.  Conversely, many homes with great yards and neighborhoods are quite affordable.  Not choosy?  Competitive pricing awaits you with either choice!
  • Luxury: Lavish Brooklyn condos, much like ideally-located ones, are often steeply-priced.  Luxury houses are expensive, too.  The good news is that whichever style of housing you choose, you’ll find luxurious versions.
  • Availability: There are typically more houses on the market than condos, so, in general, your selection is greater with houses.
  • Privacy: Houses typically offer more in the way of privacy.   But, the trade off is that you also have more responsibilities and maintenance when you own a house.  Want a care-free, low-maintenance lifestyle?  A condo may be your best bet.
  • Acreage: If a smaller yard (or no yard) doesn’t bother you, a condo can offer excellent square footage and lower payments.  Looking for land?  A home is your best way to go.

Still Unsure?

I’d love to assist in your juggling act.  Call me at (718) 253-9600 ext 206 or email me at [email protected] and together we’ll find the perfect home to fit your budget and lifestyle.

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