Brooklyn Real Estate – A Little Humor Goes a Long Way

If you pay attention to national and Brooklyn real estate at all, especially if you access news on the internet, it has to be confusing. I read stories online, and I’m amazed by the conflicting information, and I worry about how it must come across to individuals trying to buy or sell Brooklyn real estate.

For instance, only a month or two ago, experts were concerned that we didn’t have enough of a housing supply. Now, online sites like the Wall Street Journal are reporting that the U.S. actually has 103 months worth of foreclosed homes – a heavy load that would take 9 years to get rid of. Honestly, it often gives me a headache. Occasionally, it makes me laugh – in a slightly horrified, appreciating the irony type of way.

I felt the need to lighten the load a bit and share something humorous with you. The idea for this blog came from a friend of mine, who asked her 10-year-old son what he’d learned in Social Studies that day. He replied, “Nothing. We’re still looking for the government.”

Yesterday, I came across a page from Kensington Realty Advisors on which they share a bit of real estate humor. Here’s an excerpt: “LODGING – All employees are encouraged to stay with relatives or friends while on Company business. If weather permits, public areas such as parks and parking lots should be used as temporary lodging. Bridges may provide shelter in periods of inclement weather.”

Will this help you sell your house? Probably not, but it might.

You have to keep a little humor going. Tons of clichés fill our vocabulary: “when the chips are down,” “when life gives you lemons,” “look on the bright side.” They all add up to the same message, that you can’t take life too seriously – even the life of real estate.

So – when a buyer walks into your piece of  Brooklyn real estate, looks around and notices a big puddle in the back yard, you can always tell them you were starting a pool.

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