How Live-In Stagers Can Save Your Brooklyn Home For Sale

If you have a Brooklyn home for sale and it’s sitting vacant, it’s a perfect target for vandals. The signs are obvious, such as uncut grass and lights that never come on. In fact, a vacant house doesn’t just look vacant; it feels vacant.

Vandals aren’t the only problem for a vacant Brooklyn home for sale, however. The other problem is that a vacant home usually sells for less and sits longer than a well maintained, occupied home. So what’s the solution?

Well, if you live close by, you can visit the home, cut the grass, turn the lights on and keep it maintained. However, if this is more trouble than you’d rather go through, there’s another option – a live-in home stager.

You’ve probably heard or read a slew of information about home staging. If you haven’t, home staging is the practice of making a house look its best and has been proven to bring consistently higher prices for homes. Home stagers are trained to stage a house in the most attractive way to entice buyers.

Benefits of Using a Live-In Stager

A live-in home stager is slightly different from a traditional home stager, but provides several benefits to homeowners wishing to sell their empty houses:

  • No vacancy, no vandals – An empty home brings vandals. However, people are much less likely to vandalize a home that is well maintained and occupied. A live-in stager, as the name implies, stays in the home until it’s sold.
  • Home staging and maintenance – One of the worst turn-offs for a potential homebuyer is to walk up a lane surrounded by tall, uncut grass into an empty, cold home. A live-in stager brings their own furniture to turn that empty home into a visually-appealing, warm living space. They cut the grass and keep the home looking beautiful until it’s sold.
  • Residual income – Best of all, you aren’t paying them; they’re paying you. Now, obviously they won’t be paying full rent. In general, live-in stagers pay 25% – 40% of the normal rental rate. However, a vacant home isn’t doing anything but sitting there until it’s sold.

If you’ve been trying to sell a vacant Brooklyn home for sale, and it’s still on the market, try a live-in stager. It may be the best decision you make this year!

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