Keep Your Brooklyn Home Clean the Green Way

Lots of people think about ways to save the environment in a physical manner such as changing light bulbs from incandescent to florescent and recycling, but many drop the ball when it comes to cleaning their Brooklyn home. Keeping your home clean in a way that is healthy to you, your family, and the environment just takes a little extra thought and soon becomes second nature.

Danger, Danger

Get rid of any products under your sink, in your bathroom, or your cleaning closet that have danger cautions.  If they are bad for you, they are probably bad for the environment too, and why have such hazardous materials in your Brooklyn home?

Labels that have cautions such as poison, hazard, and danger on them are not only bad to have around small children, the toxins leak into the air when you use them causing health problems for your family. They also leech into the environment when you use them and are hazardous for the environment.

Re-usable and Natural

Buy mop heads and sponges made from natural materials that are bio-degradable and replenishable. Check for recycled materials labels on paper towels, toilet paper, and other disposable objects so that you know those products are making the best use of production materials.


Use as little water as possible when doing dishes by turning off the faucet while you are washing and only using running water when you are ready to rinse. Don’t just think about conservation when cleaning your home. Turn off the faucet while you are brushing your teeth as well for extra savings. Remove your shoes or put a rug by the entry doors of your home to help cut down the need to wash floors.

Bring in the Green

Bring nature into your Brooklyn home in the form of hanging and potted plants. Plants clean the air around you and take in harmful carbon dioxide in the air.

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