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How To Prepare Your Brooklyn Home For A Hurricane

Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

Prepare Your Brooklyn Home For Hurricane

Active hurricane season is here; each person can take steps to prevent loss and damage to their home and family by learning how to prepare your Brooklyn Home for a hurricane.

Here are things you can do to make it easier and less stressful.

1. Put up storm shutters/plywood to protect windows if warranted

2. Make sure the house # is visible

3. Review your insurance policy and put in a safe place

4. Set up an emergency kit

5. Have a plan

6. Trim dead tree branches

7. Take in lawn furniture and decorations

8. Stay inform with radio or TV ,internet

Basic Supplies Kit – How to Prepare For A Hurricane

1.  Water tight container with import documents (personal identification, insurance  policy, will, license, etc)

2.  Portable radio & batteries

3.  1 week supply of non perishable foods (canned meat, fruits, vegetables, juices, cereals, snacks)

4.  Manual can opener

5.  Medications & medical supplies, eyeglasses, hearing aid batteries.

6.  Water – 1 gallon a day per person

7.  Flashlight & batteries

8.  First aid kit

9.  Mosquito repellent

10.Instant tire sealer

11.Toilet paper/paper towels/paper plates/paper cups

12.Air mattress/folding chairs

13.Personal hygiene products and hand sanitizer

14.Children supplies

15.Pet supplies/identification/up-dated vaccination certificate.

16.Lightweight blankets

17.Extra set of keys to car & home

18.Books, cards, games, toys for children & pets

19.Cash & coins

20.Fill your car ‘s gas tank

If ordered to evacuate

1. Stay tuned to local radio for instructions

2. Turn off electricity, gas, water

3. Take the basic supply kit mentioned above.

4. Let your family & friends know where you are going.

5. Dial 311 on your cell phone/landline real time travel information an hazards  on the road as well as reports on public transportation  in Brooklyn New York.

You need identification to re-entry back to your home, make sure you have it with you. How to prepare for a hurricane season is not difficult – just get ready and don’t wait until the last minute.

If you need help determining if now is the best time to sell your Brooklyn home, call Charles D’Alessandro Your Brooklyn Realtor® with Fillmore Real Estate at 718/253-9600 ext 206 or email me at [email protected],