Today’s Brooklyn Real Estate Market! Trick Or Treat ?

Siting on the fence?Waiting for the market to bottom out? With Halloween 2009 fast approaching we have to wonder are the latest reports we are seeing and hearing about a Trick or a Treat. As a Realtor practicing my trade selling real estate in Brooklyn real estate every day, I do see inventory shrinking.  As my agents are calling to make appointments there are more responses, In contract,accepted offer and multiple offers. Is this real? Over the 20+years have been through many ups and downs in the real estate market, when it turns around it always turns quietly, prices start to rise, interest rate rise and there are less houses for sale to choose from. I have been a little skeptical until now, but I see the signs happening. Will it last? Has the market bottomed out? As I have said you cannot time the market, but you can look for a good deal. There are serious sellers out there,prices and interest rates are still at a low. Don’t miss out!

by Charles D’Alessandro of Fillmore real estate


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