Where Can I Find XYZ On the Brooklyn Real Estate Market?

If you’re like me and other real estate agents, home sellers, homebuyers and homeowners, you’re always looking for a great resource for information on the Brooklyn real estate market. You have questions and you want answers.

  • What are the mortgages like in this area?
  • What are the current selling prices for homes?
  • What’s a specific neighborhood like?
  • Is there anything besides the economy affecting the Brooklyn real estate market?

For instance, you want to know current market trends. Are they stabilizing? Are things still sliding down hill? Is there a buying trend sellers can take advantage of to market their homes? While a professional real estate agent will help you sell or find a home, it doesn’t hurt for you to do some research on your own to become more knowledgeable. Who knows, you may come up with some ideas we haven’t thought of!

So where can you find reliable information on the real estate market? On the Internet, there are thousands, perhaps millions, of informational sites. Below are just a few of my personal favorites:

CNNMoney.com (real estate) – The information on CNNMoney.com has no bias in terms of convincing you to sell or buy. Where are home prices falling? Where are they strongest? What information do you need to know as a buyer or seller? From mortgages to pricing and market stability, you can find it here.

RISMedia.com – If you can’t find it on CNNMoney, you can most likely find it on RISMedia. Home improvement, financing and foreclosure information are just a few of the topics. As well, because RISMedia is actually involved in real estate, you can find the latest market information.

DQNews.com – DataQuick provides real estate data on a state-by-state basis or on a specific area. While the information can be a little technical for the non-real-estate-professional, if you want to know how the Las Vegas region is doing for home sales, or the average mortgage rates in Missouri, DQ can help. Depending on your area, you may have to pay for the data, but it’s fairly inexpensive and can give you great information.

If you’re interested in the Brooklyn real estate market in any way, bookmark this blog and the listed sites for easy reference. The more you know, the better you can prepare for upcoming trends, good or bad!

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